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AccessPoint Global houses various assessment techniques that help organizations in new employees selection as well as existing employees development. Our team of assessors is fully trained and certified. Below is a glimpse of the assessment tools we conduct at Alco Solutions:

  • Personality Profiling.
  • Online Numerical Tests.
  • Online Verbal Reasoning Tests.
  • Competency Based Interviews.
  • Technical & Mechanical Comprehension Tests.
  • Managerial Scenario Tests.
  • Detailed Assessment & Development Centers.

Our Mission

We are a professional enthusiastic and innovative team ,dedicated to providing professional HRConsulting Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that help our customers become more productive and profitable.

Our Plan

To create and market innovative, tailor made solutions and services which assures and maximizes revenue investments efficiently, making it controllable, protecting private and public enterprise.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an impactful,innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner. Through our One -Stop we are your professional HR.


The ultimate success lies not only in the profitability of our operations and excellent service delivery.

Human Resource

The Human Resources Department is responsible for a variety of services including employment, recruiting and staffing, compensation, labour relations, training


Our team will understand your brand, your goals and, based on that, will develop a comprehensive outsourcing technique that will suit your needs


We conducts and/or procures research finding which are then formatted and bundled with appropriate software.

Business Development

Tackle your company's toughest challenges and achieve transformative results.

Training and Development

The main focus is on active learning based on actual products and training factories.

Digital HR Consultancy

How can you attract,develop and retain your employees by going digital,we support organization in the development of their digital HR strategies and operational level


Research is a critical element of our planning process






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